Personal Information Confidentiality Policy

The Ninjamen Company (hereinafter referred to as "Ninjamen") has established the following personal information confidentiality policy and created a system to promote the protection of personal information, aiming to ensure all employees recognize the importance of such personal information protection, and thoroughly implement said policy.

Managing personal information

Ninjamen will not disclose to third parties any business secrets or personal information that they have learned through customer inquiries.

· Ninjamen will use customer personal information as an answer to liaison work and questions.

· Ninjamen will not disclose customer personal information to any third party, excluding instances when disclosure is necessary based on laws and regulations, or when customer consent has been given.

· If the customer himself/herself wishes to inquire, modify or delete personal information, the customer will be able to do so after Ninjamen has confirmed their identity.

Purpose of using personal information

Ninjamen will not use any personal information provided to us for purposes other than the services provided on this website, provided, however, such use does not fall under any of the following items:

· When Ninjamen has been in possession of such information prior to the inquiry, or when such information is publicly known.

· When information proceeding an inquiry has become publicly known at no fault of Ninjamen

· When such knowledge has been acquired from a third party with legitimate authority without obligation to maintain confidentiality

· When disclosure is obligated by law.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The information provided to us through inquiries on package sales and franchises will be handled by a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" as determined by Ninjamen. If you would like to make an inquiry regarding our NDA prior to applying, please contact us via "Other Inquiries."

For inquiries about the handling of personal information at Ninjamen, please contact us below.

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