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No try, No chance!

Surprise. Pleased. Ninja noodles.

Sapporo Dome and BIGBOSS, which became a hot topic this year, and the mysterious signboard of Ninja Noodles that was always together behind them. Thanks to all of you, we were introduced in newspapers and on TV all over the country, and we were able to become a national constituency for a little bit.


Ninja noodles are instant noodles even though they are raw noodles.

Raw noodles even though it's instant.

3 minutes in the microwave

You can reproduce the taste of a ramen shop.

Made with 100% Hokkaido flour

The noodles are chewy.


Ninja noodles are raw ramen that can be made in the microwave.

than boiledIt will make you feel more chewy.

This is because the noodles are boiled from the center.

Ninja noodles actually opened for only about six months,

I've been experimenting with offering like a shinobi.

Only ramen shops for customersI couldn't see it.


With this noodle, with this soup, will sales be established as a store?  

It was successfully established.

For those who want to open a ninja noodle franchise

Please let us know.

I will teach you how to make it in 3 minutes. As follows.

There are many examples of toppings.

The store also offered a variety of menus.

In the 12 countries where we have opened events in the past,

A total of 600,000 meals were eaten.

忍者麺 味噌

Toppings are what's in the fridge that day

Just put it on.

Ninja noodles are everywhere in the world,

if you have a microwaveYou can make authentic ramen.

I have been making toppings for over ten years as a ninja noodle master.

I will tell you a little bit about the secret of toppings here.

The secret is what goes well with Japanese noodle dishes and rice bowls!

All toppings for soba and udon.

Toppings for tempura, katsudon, butadon, and other rice bowls.

Actually, it goes well with ramen.

In fact, in overseas ramen shops such as Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong,

There are many restaurants that serve fried salmon, cutlets, tempura, etc.

Pork and chicken are said to be indispensable in ramenNinja noodles do not use animal ingredients.

Of course, no eggs are used in the noodles.

For that reason, it has become a ramen that can be eaten by vegetarians and vegans.vinegar.

Seafood flavor and soy sauce flavor are seafood extract, bonito

I use some of the dried bonito powder,It is animal free.


Ninja noodles are particular about

The taste is so rich that no one would notice that it does not contain animal-derived ingredients.


We spent three years researching soups and repeated experiments at limited-time stores.

sausage for toppingpizza, potato chips,

Also try clams and clams.

Seafood x clam topping


You can make it at the same time as ninja noodles in the microwave.

ahInstead of putting the sari on and heating it in the microwave for 3 minutes, it only takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Finally add the soup and you're done.

It goes well with seafood.

Please order ninja noodles as a gift for your home.

A new world begins.

Fresh but Instant. Instant but Fresh.

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