"Putting the umami of Japan 
into fast food worldwide"
Expanding NINJAMEN franchise

Skills and technology to provide the same NINJAMEN quality 
to customers worldwide no matter who makes it

Franchise benefits

Ninjamen's system allows you to provide customers with consistently delicious ramen, even without professional chefs present.

Through preparation and operation videos, and dedicating a few hours to training, anyone can provide customers with Ninjamen.

Restaurant design proposals

By using the plan, elevation and surrounding area information of the proposed restaurant space, we will provide a design boasting a high cost performance, a seating capacity optimum for the proposed location, and design drawings needed for Ninjamen FC restaurant decor. Providing this data to local interior designers allows for a quick confirmation of cost estimates.

Balance planning and restaurant design has never been easier!

The Ninjamen style allows income and expenditure to be checked by simply inquiring with the restaurant’s location and the number of seats. Please feel free to contact us.

Providing female ninja costumes, and a completely systemized operation

Ninjamen staff dress up as female ninjas, drawing customers into the ninja world. The entire process from ordering, to accounting, operations and cooking, is completely systemized. Opening a restaurant is possible without the need to spend resources on restaurant management, staff training, etc.

Increasing popularity through social media

We help in creating ninja fans through both attracting customers to our restaurants with technology such as chat bot questionnaires and electronic smartphone stamps, and by providing information through social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Characteristics of the NINJAMEN Franchise

We believe NINJAMEN has the potential to become a major player in global fast food franchising.

The biggest reason for that is because NINJAMEN has the skills and technology to provide the same NINJAMEN quality to customers worldwide no matter who makes it.

Ramen shops in America are still serving ramen as an expensive dish at high prices.

NINJAMEN sets the price at a level similar to fast food in America so as to make it possible for NINJAMEN to expand as a franchise chain.

Stores can be setup even without kitchen ventilation hoods

All that is needed to cook NINJAMEN is electricity, so stores can be setup even in locations without kitchen ventilation hoods.

Expansion is flexible due to microwave oven cooking

It is easy to calculate equipment expenses according to the number of customers, so expansion can be done flexibily according to the growth of the branch.

By using 3 to 6 microwave ovens 70 to 200 bowls of NINJAMEN can be prepared in 2 hours.

No need to drain away the water! Create our ramen with minimal cooking utensils!

The only cooking utensils that are required is induction heating which is needed to boil water and a microwave oven. The ability to boil water is linked directly to the profits.

No need to rinse our noodles

No need to waste water. Serve simply by adding the soup base to the same water used to boil the noodles in.

Soup export possible

The soup used in Ninjamen ramen can be exported all over the world, so staff need not learn how to make it. We also prepare an animal free soup, allowing for distribution to each and every city.

Franchise Agreement

NINJAMEN has been registered as a trademark in Japan, America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar, and is in the process of registration for Taiwan as well as a few other related countries.
Also NINJAMEN is in the process of applying for trademark protection in the Madrid Agreement so as to make it simpler for countries that will have relations to us in the future. Please feel free to enquire about our franchise.

Enquire about the franchise system

Conditions will differ greatly according to country, so please enquire first.
For example, the contract sum varies from 10,000 to 50,000 USD. There will be similar differences for the security deposit. Conditions vary greatly according to each country, thus we will explain further upon enquiry.

We have an enhanced education system ready

NINJAMEN has prepared an education system that fully follows the trading ninjutsu of Japan, as well as a code of conduct where franchises are treated as friendly alliances.

Exclusive area/nation contracts available upon negotiation

We are open to negotiations about area/nation exclusive contracts/franchising and exclusive rights to packaging sales.