A Japanese food chain boasting a completely new business style, NINJAMEN is silently closing the distance between fans of not only Japan but also the world, and we have named this NINJAMEN as we are aiming to deploy our business in the way a ninja silently approaches.
By insisting on maintaining high quality, we have succeeded in creating tastes that remain the same no matter who makes it and absolutely no artisan skills are required, thus NINJAMEN boasts having the simple cooking techniques that are essential for franchising.

Concept and Image

Concept and Image
NINJAMEN is a noodle dish created in Japan. Different from other ramen stores that have advanced worldwide, our stores are not high class restaurants, but a store where anyone can come casually like a fast food restaurant.
Due to hard work and preserverence we have succeeded in keeping fast food standard prices.
By researching and analyzing the countries where we have expanded, we have developed casual topping menus that are suitable for that particular area, customers can enjoy customizing toppings to their own preferences.

Thus we can provide completely new menus and service to our customers that differ from the usual ramen store.

​Our commitment

Almost all of our ingredients are produced in Hokkaido, including 80% of the wheat and other base ingredients used in our noodles and soup.

It may look exactly the same as ordinary ramen,
but the styles are pure ninja way to enjoy. 

Even though NINJAMEN is completely fresh noodles it can be stored in room temperature for 1 month. There is no need to keep it refrigerated so storing it is simple!
Or, keep it frozen for a longer shelf life (an expiration date of 1 year). The chewy sensation is maintained even when frozen.

NINJAMEN is the worlds first noodle to be cookable via microwave ovens. There is no need to throw away the cooking water or wash the noodles.
NINJAMEN can be prepared just like instant noodles using a pot.

Only all natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives are used,so just add the soup into the cooking water and its complete.

And to remove any problems faced when exporting overseas, we have also prepared egg and non-alcoholic noodles.

Soup is part of the ninjutsu!

In order to make it so that anyone will be capable of making the same delicious taste, the process of making the soup (pork, chicken, bonito etc) is done in factories,and the soup/sauce, made strictly using ingredients from Hokkaido, are packaged into packets.

There are 4 base sauces, ninja miso, ninja soy sauce, ninja seafood (salt) and ninja tonkotsu (pork). In order to be able to export these 4 flavors worldwide, we have also prepared 4 similar sauces made without using any animals. After 2 years of extensive research we have finally made it possible to maintain the taste and yet not use any animal oils in it.

In order to expand NINJAMEN shop branches we have also prepared Sapporo soup curry, chilled, spicy and other flavors for our soup and sauces.

All you need is hot water to replicate the same delicious ramen flavors. Our soup and sauces also have a similarly long expiration date of 1 year. Thus a similar flavor can be made anytime anywhere.

Developing the Ninjamen business

The Ninjamen business can be developed in two formats, either as package sales, or as a franchise.

How to cook

※It’s cautious of a burn when you take out it from microwave oven!

It heats with microwave oven 3min.


Noodles are filled with boiling water.

Soup is put in and it completes.

Pan with 400cc boiling water, put into noodles 3min. then stop the fire. Soup is put in and it completes.

Normal cooking
パッケージ_SOY SAUCE.png
The popularity of Japanese-style ramen

Ramen is consumed in large quantities across Japan, with the approximately 35,000 restaurants across the country crowded on a daily basis.
However, this situation is not just limited to Japan. In Hong Kong, ramen restaurants have earned Michelin stars, and both London and New York have a seen a rapid increase in the number of these types of restaurants.
The annual consumption of instant noodles across the globe is around 103 billion. Japan can feel proud of the way ramen has ingratiated itself into modern day food culture.
Worldwide ramen restaurant sales outside of Japan are said to be approximately ¥10 billion, with sales for 2020 estimated to reach the ¥33 billion mark. Simple and versatile recipes allow Ninjamen to accurately consider the needs of the customer, giving rise to a prediction of both large turnover and growth.

​Japanese restaurants opening outside of Japan

From 2015 to 2017, the number of Japanese restaurants outside of Japan increased by 30%, increasing to 119,000 from the 89,000 two years prior.
The popularity of Japanese food overseas is expected to see substantial growth in the future.

Source: Figures estimated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries based on research conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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